The Kiriyama Prize

The Kiriyama prize is one I had never heard of (which in no way makes it less important, just me less informed). This award is VERY focused and is given annually to authors who focus on the Pacific-Rim region, as defined by Pacific Rim  in CA. Per their website, publishers nominate books to the prize committee who then award $15,000 each to a Fiction and Non-Fiction winner. Notable Authors/Books are also named. For a list of winners, click HERE and for notable authors & books, click HERE. The aim of this award is to promote awareness of the cultures and histories of the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asian world. The nominated books must be published in the US or Canada in English, but may have been previously published in other languages or countries. No mention is made of e-books, but self-published books are NOT eligible.  Per the rules, if a book wins, the publisher is obligated to put the prize seal on the cover and publicize the award and foundation. Kind of a win-win. Lots of people will be attracted to the book by the shiny seal, and the foundation might get some love too. (yes, we all know we DO really judge the book by the cover…)

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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