The Banned Books

Censorship is alive and well. Every day, a book is contested in a library somewhere. While this list is not a prize, every book on it has touched enough nerves that someone, somewhere cared enough to campaign to get it banned. IMHO, that’s a pretty high accolade for an author. 🙂  They have MATTERED to someone. ALOT.

Ironically, many of these books and authors have won OTHER awards.

Banning books bothers me. It’s a deleting of thoughts, ideas, and issues from our society & culture. Much like the familiar TV/Movie argument: you don’t HAVE to read it. On the other hand, many of these books are also on school reading lists. In that case, if you object that strongly, maybe you need to examine why you object. It might be a valid reason, or it might be that you need to reconsider and grow. Stretching your parameters is good. (ok- soapbox over). Either way, until you’ve READ a book, how do you know if it offends?

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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