Louisa May Alcott

Sometimes, it seems like our world has forgotten that something can be great without the “award-winning” label. Did we get that from sports? Louisa May Alcott never won an award for her writing. Ever. Books about her have won awards, but she never did. I can’t imagine my childhood without her books. From the March Family Sagas (Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys) to An old Fashioned Girl  and all the rest, I LOVED her books. I guess for her time period, just getting published as a woman and supporting herself was reward enough. Maybe as a society we weren’t as big on recognition or the insistence that something has to be “award-winning” to be good. Either way, she deserves one in my book.

 For a list of all her books click Here or here.

 For a link to a memorial foundation, click HERE.

 For a link to her books on libravox (free audio books)/

 Most of her books are free on project Gutenberg.

3 Comments on “Louisa May Alcott”

  1. writeforward says:

    An Old Fashioned Girl is one of my favorites! I was just thinking about rereading it and reviewing it on my blog sometime.

  2. bigmonkeypie says:

    I didn’t read her much as a child beyond reading Little Women a zillion times, but in my teens I was really excited to come across A Long Fatal Love Chase and Modern Magic. Looking her up just now at Amazon (couldn’t remember the title of Modern Magic) I’m realizing there’s so much more than I knew there was and a lot of it is free for the Kindle. I think I’m about to take a little journey…

  3. Margy says:

    I didn’t even know she’d written anything other than the Little Women set of books. I loved them as a child and have re-read them as an adult, but not for many years now. Thanks for the reminder.

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