The Edgars

The Edgars are named after Edgar Allan Poe, and are awarded by the Mystery Writers of America. Publishers, Producers, Authors, or Agents may submit entries to the different committees, and all entries are due by Nov. 30. The item in question has to have been created within the previous year. There is no limit to the number of entries a person/entity may make.  While anyone can join MWA, only active members can vote/serve on the Edgar committees. Active members must be PUBLISHED mystery/crime authors who have been PAID for their work. (Be prepared to prove it!) Self-publishing or the publishers you PAY to publish you don’t count. You have to have been published by a bona-fide publishing house. Associate, Affiliate, and Corresponding Membership is available for the rest of us, but no voting rights. Click HERE for info.

Pretty cool that they only allow peers to vote on the award.

For info about what qualifies as an acceptable publisher (which I think is a pretty good list anyway just in case you wanted to know about publishing), click HERE .

Anyway, back to the awards. There are a LOT OF CATEGORIES:

  • Robert L. Fish Memorial Award (since 1984)
  • Raven Award (since 1953)
  • Grand Master Award (since 1955)
  • Ellery Queen Award (since 1983)
  • Mary Higgins Clark Award (since 2001)
  • Best radio drama (1946–1960)
  • Outstanding Mystery Criticism (1946–1967)
  • Best foreign film (1949–1966)
  • Best book jacket (1955–1975)

For a list of current nominees , click away.

For a searchable database of winners and nominees, go HERE.

Wikipedia has a pretty good list too. HERE

One Comment on “The Edgars”

  1. Definitely an interesting award! I’m a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe. : )

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