Comic Book Awards

In honor of two things that have made me laugh this week (Hark! A Vagrant! & The Big Bang Theory), we’re taking a break from the Halloween theme (kind of) and doing two comic book awards.

Up first: the Ignatz Awards. These awards are for small-press comics, including online comics. I must admit, I have never heard of lots of these, but I’m sure other people will be very familiar. Yay diversity! SO- Here are the categories for the Ignatz:

“1. Outstanding Artist: Nominations for this category should reflect, in the Jurors’ opinion, the best execution of graphic skill by an individual within the comic medium.

2. Outstanding Anthology or Collection: This category includes both anthologies of individual stories by various artists and collections of a series that have not been previously collected. When a Juror is nominating an anthology or collection, the manner in which the work is presented should be considered as well as the stories or series that makes up the work.

3. Outstanding Graphic Novel: A nomination for this category is for previously unpublished material of substantial length intended to be read as a single work. Graphic novels are distinguished from individual comics by being generally over 48 pages and are usually case or perfect bound. A nomination in this category should represent what the Juror feels is the best overall use of art and story within the format.

4. Outstanding Story: This category is for outstanding storytelling in a comic. This may be an individual issue within a series, a one shot or a single story within an anthology. Nominations for a story within an anthology should also include the story title.

5. Promising New Talent: A person nominated in this category should be someone relatively new to the industry whose work a Juror feels deserves more recognition then it currently receives. Past nominees for this award cannot be nominated again (a list of past nominees will be provided to the Jurors). Nominations should include the title of the individual’s latest work.

6. Outstanding Series: A nomination in this category should be for a series that the Juror feels exhibits a consistent level of quality as a whole. A good individual story does not necessarily translate into a nomination for the entire series.

7. Outstanding Comic: A comic nominated in this category should represent what the Juror feels is the best marriage of both art and story in a single issue of a comic.

8. Outstanding Minicomic: This category includes both one-shots and series. Minicomics are best defined as comics that are not “professionally” published. Minicomics are usually printed at the local copy store, hand stapled, and predominantly self-distributed. Minicomics are typically not solicited through major distributors.

9. Outstanding Online Comic: This category is for web based comics. A nominee in this category can be an individual comic, continuing storyline comic or strips. For a work to be eligible in this category it must be published on the web prior to appearing in print format. Nominated sites must also adhere to the same publishing timeline as the categories for print material (excluding the Outstanding Debut Comic category). Works posted on web pages outside the timeline are not eligible. Nominated sites can utilize animation but should still be recognizable as a comic (“If you read it, it’s a comic. If you watch it, it’s animation.” is the best guide for how much animation is too much). Links to submissions in this category will be forwarded to the Jurors.”


The way this works is that a committee of 5 jurors is chosen every year at the Small Press Expo. The Jurors create a ballot of nominees every year, and attendees at the SPX vote. Cool combo of fan/peer influence there.

For info on the Ignatz:

For a list of winners/nominees:

For more about SPX:


Award # 2: The Eisner Award

If the Ignatz is for the little guy, this is for the big boys of the comic world. Wikipedia compares this one to the Oscar. (Why is it that every award is compared to the Oscar?) Anway, there are a MULTITUDE of categories:

Best Single Issue/Single Story

Best Short Story

Best Serialized Story

Best Black-and-White Series

Best Continuing Series

Best Finite Series/Limited Series

Best New Series

Best Title for Younger Readers/Best Comics Publication for a Younger Audience

Best Publication for Kids

Best Publication for Teens

Best Publication for Teens/Tweens

Best Anthology

Best Digital Comic (since 2005)[5]

Best Webcomic

Best Reality-Based Work

Best Graphic Album

Best Graphic Album: New

Best Graphic Album: Reprint

Best Archival Collection/Project

Best Archival Collection/Project – Comic Strips

Best Archival Collection/Project – Comic Books

Best Humor Publication

Best U.S. Edition of International Material

Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Japan

Best Comic Strip Collection

Best Writer

Best Writer/Artist

Best Writer/Artist: Drama

Best Writer/Artist: Humor

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Interior)

Best Artist/Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

Best Art Team

Best Colorist/Coloring

Best Letterer/Lettering

Best Cover Artist

Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition

Special Recognition

Best Editor

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Publication

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism

Best Comics-Related Book

Best Comics-Related Publication (Periodical or Book)

Best Comics-Related Product/Item

Best Comics-Related Sculpted Figures

Spirit of Comics Retailer Award

Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award

Best Publication Design

The Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame


In order to get all this decided, a group of 5 judges accepts nominations from creators and  publishers, to which they can also add their own nominations. A ballot is compiled, and the ballot is sent out to “creators, publishers, editors, retailers, and distributors.” Results are tallied, and the awards are announced at Comic-con.


For a list of 2011 winners/nominees:

For winners since 1985:

For more details about the Eisners:

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