Stephen King

Stephen King is an amazing, prolific author who has been supporting himself successfully since 1975. Before writing full time, he was briefly a HS English teacher, and returned to his alma mater, University of Maine later on to be a member of the English Dept. Mainly though, he has written, and written, and written- with brief stops to direct or do film work. Along the way, he has published an immense collection of works, both full-length and short-story/novellas, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and non-fiction. His range of interests, lengths, and characters is amazing. His continued QUALITY production for 25+ years is something most of us can only dream of in any field. Over 350 MILLION of his books have been sold, and several have been made into graphic novels by Marvel Comics. To be able to write so well in so many different areas is a true distinction. At one point, Mr. King even used at least two pseudonyms to publish under when publishing rules restricted his output: Richard Bachman & John Swithen.

 Click HERE for a list of novels.

 Or HERE for a list of short stories.

 And HERE is his official website.(really well done with LOTS of comprehensive lists, info, coming works, etc.)  

For this amazing body of work, Mr. King has received the following awards:

Alex Awards

Balrog Award

The Black Quill

British Fantasy Award

British Fantasy Society Award

Canadian Bookseller’s Association Award

Deutcher Phantastic Preis

Gandalf Award

Horror Guild Awards

Bram Stoker Awards

Hugo Awards

International Horror Guild Award

Italia Award

Us Magazine Award for Best Fiction

World Fantasy Award

World Horror Convention Award

ALABest Book for Young Adults

NY Public Library Award for YA lit

SpokanePublic Library Golden Pen Award

Nebula Award

Alumni Career Award fromUniversityofMaine

Locus Award

MWA Grand Master Award

Medal for distinguished Contribution, National Book Foundation

O.Henry Award

Quill Award


Even better, several of these awards have been awarded MULTIPLE TIMES for individual works. Amazing.


4 Comments on “Stephen King”

  1. ladyeleanor says:

    Couldn’t agree more! He’s another of my faves. The Green Mile is amazing…

    • I enjoy all his books, but I think people really dismiss him too quickly when they’ve just read some of the horror stuff. He has amazing range. AND to have written that much! wow. It was a fun post to research. 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    He is amazing, indeed. I’ve read him since “Carrie”, and while he went off the rails for me a couple of times, he always brings me back. With school sucking so much of my time, I have missed a lot of books the last couple of years, and I need to catch up on his list. I really loved his “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”.

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