Dolman Best Travel Book

This is a relatively new award. It is one of just a few awards specifically for travel writing. This award is sponsored by a British group, The Author’s Club.

From their website:

          “Founded by the novelist and critic Walter Besant in 1891 as a place where writers could meet and talk, the Authors’ Club also welcomes publishers, editors, agents, journalists, academics and anyone professionally involved with literature.

Early members included Oscar Wilde, George Meredith, Thomas Hardy, Arthur Conan Doyle, JM Barrie, Jerome K Jerome, Ford Madox Ford, HG Wells, Compton Mackenzie, Thornton Wilder and Graham Greene, while guest speakers included Emile Zola, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchill, Bram Stoker, TS Eliot and Clement Attlee.”

That, my friends is an impressive list of members. A syllabus in the making, if you will. 🙂   

The Dolman award is for full-length travel writing by British Authors. Travel writing is a sneaky genre, and to eliminate the confusion the following guideline is given: “The judges will be looking for a work of literary merit which shows excellence in the tradition of great travel writing, combining a personal journey with the discovery or recovery of places, landscapes and/or peoples. The book should instil a sense of place, excitement and wonder in the reader, although tales of well- trodden paths from new angles are encouraged as much as those of far-flung places. Guide books, single-issue driven books, “disguised” cookery or aspirational lifestyle books are discouraged from entering.” As all these topics are frequently shelved as “travel” books, it was nice to see a clear focus. The judging committee has 5 persons, one of whom is the past year’s winner. Member names are posted on the website. In order to nominate a book, it should be sent to the indicated address on the website. There was no indication as to whether the author, reader, or publisher should submit.

For the Author’s Club website:

For a list of past winners:


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