Rick Riordan

I wish this guy had known my 6th grade social studies teacher. I won’t name names, but all I remember from her class is that we talked ALOT about Egypt and ALOT about mythology. Neither were as interesting as they could have been. Anyway, Mr. Riordan began his writing career writing adult mysteries about a detective in his home state of Texas. For these, he won the Edgar, Anthony, and the Shamus. All big deal mystery awards. Even more impressive to me, he wrote these WHILE TEACHING MIDDLE SCHOOL and having a family. Next confession. I’ve never read his adult books. They’re on the list, but at this rate, I have so much on my list, I hope heaven has a library. 🙂 Recently I’ve been on a YA lit streak, not only because I love it, but because I work in a HS and the easiest way to get my book fix is to stop by the library during my planning period (note to self: go at the END of planning or you’ll spend all plan reading, not grading/working). Anyway, I stumbled upon the Percy Jackson series (which began as bedtime stories for his sons). If 6th grade mythology had been this fun, I MIGHT remember more of it. 🙂 awesome books, excellently researched, informative without distracting from the plot. I had seen the movie, and was amused, but not impressed. The book was WAY better. Why is it that for most (all non H.P.) kids books, Hollywood feels like they can TOTALLY deviate from the book and still call it the same? Anyway….on to the more relevant soapbox: It’s really good to see an obviously talented, award-winning author focusing on YA lit. I do find it interesting that he is so much better known for the un-awarded  YA books than for the adult series, but hey, that’s the power of publicity in the post-Harry Potter era.

For Mr. Riordan’s website, click HERE

For his blog, click HERE

For his books on Amazon, click HERE

Edited to add: even though there have been no awards for the YA books, Mr. Riordan has been voted author of the year by the Children’s Choice Book Awards, sponsored by the Children’s book council.






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  1. I am impressed with this site, real I am a fan.

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