Amelia Bloomer Book List / Project

I hope the weather is better where you are. Here it’s another Dickensian gloomy day. Where is the sunshine? So, in choosing today’s award, the lengthy process was to choose one that caught my eye and made me smile. I know. positively philosophical, right? 

And the winner is: The Amelia Bloomer Book List .

This award is sponsored by the  Social Responsibilites Round Table of the ALA. (Round Table= committee) (ALA= American Library Association).

Aside from having a great name, Amelia Bloomer was famously feminist, insisting that women’s fashions of her day were unhealthy, and advocating for less restrictive clothing for women. And yes, that’s why some articles of clothing are called Bloomers.

All jokes aside, Ms. Bloomer was a powerful role model and member of the women’s rights movement here in the US. This list is fittingly for books that promote a healthy feminist outlook. Categories are fiction & non-fiction for young readers, middle readers, and Young Adult.

Anyone can nominate a book, but the nomination has to be seconded by a committee member. This is also the first nomination I’ve seen where it stipulates that the nominator has to have actually READ the book (gasp!) and supply their own 2-3 sentence annotation for the final compilation. Imagine that. Actually reading the book you nominate. (I would hope all the publishers and agents etc took the time to read the books for all the awards they submit works to, but realistically….) Anyway, once the final list is made, it is vigorously publicized in magazines, websites, etc. per the ALA website.

Click HERE for a list of winners & a blog from the sponsoring committee.

Have a great day!


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