Awards I Wish Existed

Randomly while I wait for bread to rise, here are some book awards I would like to see:

    1. good craft (needlework and fiber arts mainly) awards for best traditional patterns, best non-traditional patterns, best instructional style (believe it or not, some pattern authors are hard to follow), and most likely to be errata free
    2. best character development in a short story, stand alone novel, and series
    3. best plot device in the same formats
    4. best setting in all 3
    5. best backstory exposition in all 3

Edited to add:

                   6. best manipulation of genre standards in a novel or short-story.

So what would YOU like to see awarded?


2 Comments on “Awards I Wish Existed”

  1. I completely agree about these wished for awards!
    I would add award for the most inspiring novel that includes gardening. Same for crafting (any kind), art, following own calling in profession etc.
    When I craft I like to listen to audio books and I like them to be inspiring. Something that would make me to wish to excel my skills, try out new things. These books can be about completely different topic than my crafts or gardening, but they need to show passion, growth, discoveries of the character(s) within their field. And it really needs to be INSPIRING 🙂

    • Ooh- good qualification w/ the “inspiring.” There’s been a spate of craft filled mysteries (cooking, scrapbooking, knitting, etc.) but while fun to read, they don’t inspire me to DO whatever it is. On the other hand, Friday Night Knitting Club made me wonder when I wasn’t reading what it would be like to design or to make a living with craft…

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