A request for my bookish friends…

hello all!
For my birthday I was the lucky recipient of some iTunes gift cards. Among other things, I want to get some books, either audio or ebooks. 🙂 I usually rent audio books, and I have a few free ebooks which I have enjoyed. I just don’t know what I want to buy.
For me, ebooks rank somewhere between library books and books I own. If I really love a book, I want to physically own it, display it on shelves, be able to pick it up and open the pages, you know, all the typical bibliophile stuff. There are some series I love that have come out w/ new entries and I have the rest in hard copies…not sure how I feel about transitioning. In consideration of space though, having moved twice in a year and looking at moving AGAIN…this could be a good thing. 🙂
On the other hand, it’s been a while since I’ve bought ANY book (extreme budgeting), and I want to make some good purchases. It’s no big thing if I get a new library book and don’t like it, but I would be really disappointed to buy one right now and then not like it….ya know?

SO- What are the 3 books you would buy from iTunes, and in what format audio or ebook? THANK YOU!


3 Comments on “A request for my bookish friends…”

  1. Krish Jaynes says:

    Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  2. Miss Anderson says:

    Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt was A-MAZING as an audio book.
    And Room by Emma Donoghue was fantastic, I read it as an e-book.

  3. Geoff W says:

    I would buy three books that you know you’d love to travel with and you don’t mind re-reading in either format because they’ll save a lot of space especially if you’re gone for a while or commute!

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