MIA awards & a scam…

But, before we get to them, NPR had an interesting article today HERE about the prevalence of plagiarism in self-published books on Amazon. As I read it, I found myself getting really mad on behalf of well-meaning and “respectable” folk who have published work in various forums around the internet, or who have even gone the self-publishing route on Amazon. In short, if you don’t want to read the full article, there is a scam out there where people copy-paste a short story or book together and self-publish it as their own work on Amazon. Eventually, Amazon will catch it and remove it IF IT IS REPORTED, but in the meantime, they collect the revenue from those sales. wow. That’s just dirty. Not only are they blatantly profiting from others’ ideas and work, they are giving every one else who goes the self-publishing route a bad name. Not everyone who goes that route is like that, and some of them turn out to be really good authors who deserve recognition, revenue, and readership. After all, even Dr. Seuss almost didn’t get published. Ok, rant over.

Moving on…, the Appalachian Writer’s Association seems to have given out at least 3 awards, and offered writing conferences yearly. At one point in time, they were housed at Morehead State. I, however sadly, CANNOT find any current information or a compiled list of winners, or even if the award is still given. As the last president I can find info on was a professor, I imagine that this award was juried and well-handled. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

HERE is a list of winners in 2006.

HERE is a discussion of what may have happened to the website at Morehouse, and why it’s no longer there (error 403).

HERE is a request for nominations, with a list of past winners.

One Comment on “MIA awards & a scam…”

  1. Les M Brown, PhD says:

    Please visit The Appalachian Writers information at http://www.soappculture.

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