Interrupting the bookishness…

Obviously, one of my passions is reading and books. One of my husband’s great joys is riding his bike. We’re talking street/road bicycle here. (I never knew there were so many variations on the two-wheeled transportation models…).  Through him and his biking, I have discovered something else to support passionately, which is MUCH more important and life changing.

This fall, DH will be riding in his second YSC Tour de Pink, East Coast Ride. YSC (Young Survival Coalition) is a rapidly growing organization that is dedicated to helping young men and women diagnosed with breast cancer BEFORE AGE 40 when most women start thinking about the possibility. Being diagnosed younger often means:

Being diagnosed at a later stage of the disease

Being told “just wait 6 months and if the lump is still there, we’ll check it then” (while the nasty grows inside all that time)

Being more likely to have the cancer come back

Being diagnosed in that awkward period between your parents insurance and a job good enough to have your own health insurance

Trying to make treatment decisions that affect childbearing before you were ready to make those decisions

Trying to date while your hair grows back

Explaining to a date why you’ve already had a masectomy

Finding a babysitter for your toddler while you have chemo/radiation

The list goes on and on. You get the picture. It’s an ugly one. We started counting and the two of us could name at least 6 friends without trying who were diagnosed well before 40.  One of them rides with Michael during this race and is awesome. 🙂 She had 2 rounds with Cancer before 40. She IS a young survivor.

YSC provides patients with a mentor for moral support and understanding, someone with a similar story who “gets” it. They provide access to information about medical trials, tools to keep it all organized when your world is falling apart, and support as big and small as finding you that babysitter when you can’t get up the day after treatment. They also advocate for issues such as mammogram coverage by insurance, and raising awareness that just because someone tells you you’re “too young” you should pay attention to your body. The list goes on and on, but those are the services that come to mind immediately that are not generally provided by other organizations.

If you can, Please click HERE  to make a donation toward this amazing group.

If you can’t, I get it. No guilt. But PLEASE, pass it along that men (yes, they get breast cancer too) and women of ALL ages need to be alert and conscious of this disease, not just in October. Not just by wearing a Pink T-Shirt. By taking care of themselves, their families, their loved ones.

While you’re at it, please spread the word that there IS something out there just for this very special group of future survivors, that when they have that proverbial rug pulled out from under their lives, this organization “gets it” and will do all they can to help a patient become a survivor.

Here are an abundance of links about YSC:


tax information for donors

Survivor’s stories

Services offered by YSC

Tour de Pink, East Coast


Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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