Arthur C Clarke Awards & a couple of PSA’s

If you want to get sucked in to the usual Valentine’s day topics, check HERE for the best known award for Romance Novels, and an explanation of why all of them aren’t the bodice rippers you’re thinking of.

If you didn’t know, this is Mammogram Month. For why that’s important, and why self-exams are even MORE important, look HERE.

And, finally, here’s the award for today. The Arthur C Clarke awards are British, and reward science-fiction works. Here is a list of past winners. Mr. Clarke was a science-fiction author and inventor himself (2001: A Space Odyssey). His name also adorns awards for Space exploration/discoveries, An astronomy quiz competition in the UK, and a scholarship foundation.

The awards we are concerned with are a juried prize, with the jury members coming from at least 3 science-fiction societies in the UK. I really like the combined effort on this one. Books are nominated by the publisher. Unfortunately, the official web-site is “down for maintenance.” Fortunately, I found this excellent review of the award, which includes the 2011 nominees:

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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