SO…Anthologies are an interesting loophole in the whole book award universe. When I started looking for awards for editing and compiling an anthology, what I found was a lot of authors whose PR included “published in the award-winning anthology…”; with no description of what award the anthology won.

 To summarize:

There are Anthologies that are comprised of award-winning short-stories and poems. Therefore, it can be labeled an award-winning anthology in the sense that everything in it has been awarded.

There are anthologies that are the prize themselves, i.e. “your work has been selected for….”. So then, the anthology itself is the award. I wouldn’t call that award-winning, but I’m sure some PR person might.  (No insult intended, it’s their JOB to find the most advantageous spin).

There are anthologies that win prizes for the editors (EPIC e-book, London Book Festival, New England Book Festival, & USA Best Book Awards all have categories for this). Thus, you get the phrase “Award-winning” thrown around again…

And then, there are the anthologies like Norton’s that are almost part of the cannon themselves.

In short, the phrase “award-winning anthology” can mean a lot, or close to nothing.  Buyer beware.

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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