Weekend Roundup

well. moving. I hate it. But, thanks to wonderful co-workers and my AMAZING hubby, it’s about 80% done. (all the boxes are at least in the right house, nothing is unpacked). I have a HUGE box of books to take off to the used book store, which I’m excited about. Lest you get confused, McKay’s is not your typical used books & CD store. We’re talking warehouse sized. Literally. It’s awesome. I would love to work there, but they have little to no staff turnover, and therefore, are never hiring. I know, because I asked. 🙂

What books have survived multiple moves with you? Which books do you wish you could reclaim? How do you dispose of unwanted books?

Which brings us to today’s award, which is not really an award, but a project that intrigues me greatly:


As a part of this project, you print out labels with an id & an explanation, put them in spare books, and leave them for the world to find. You can then track your books, a la the Where is George project for dollar bills. Interesting. Do you send out books you don’t want and don’t really care about, or do you get extra copies of well loved favorites and share them?

Enjoy your Monday- at least there’s only one of them a week. 🙂

7 Comments on “Weekend Roundup”

  1. Dear fellow BookCrosser,
    Nice to see that your one of us .-) I have released about 100 books so far, and some of them are catches and released, others disappeared. One of my books was gone for 2 years I think, before it turned up. BookCrossing is amazing! Hope to chat with you some more about it in the future, you can add me as a friend at BC if you want, username Mekis.
    Take Care.

  2. Pat in Toulouse says:

    I just unpacked my books – hadn’t seen them in 12 years, they were stored in boxes! So far, all of my books have moved with me, but this time I wanted to declutter a bit and get rid of some of them, but I find it very difficult. Should I keep all those classics? Will I ever read Brecht or Molière again? And if I ever want to, they’re probably on Project Gutenberg, so why keep the books? There are only a dozen books from my childhood I just had to keep. I’ve found that my children don’t like reading old books. They do enjoy the same stories, but they want more modern covers and fonts. Also my kids don’t read in German and most of my childhood books were in that language. So all of those went to charity. I don’t use BookCrossing too much, but I’m on BookMooch and the recent novels I want to get rid of will either land there or I’ll take them to Oxfam. The rest will go to a place called Emmaüs, which is a huge charity here in France that sorts and sells anything people donate.
    BookMooch is great. You put your available books online and send them to people who want them. In exchange for that you get credit points, and with those you can “buy” other books from anyone else on BookMooch who will send them to you for free. So all you pay is the postage for the books you send.

  3. Danielle says:

    That book crossing concept IS intriguing… I may look into it further. Thanks for sharing 🙂 (And good luck unpacking, I know it can be such a pain!!…though I find packing up to be much worse)

    • The best part so far is that my son would “help” while we were packing and just throw things in the box. It’s like the cereal box prizes…you just never know what’s going to turn up. 🙂

      • Danielle says:

        oh no! haha that’s true…whether packing or unpacking there’s always something that makes you say “oh man, I completely forgot about this!”

  4. Geoff W says:

    That’s so weird – there’s a great used bookstore in NC that was called Ed McKay’s and it has a similar operating history as your McKay’s. If I can’t resell my books here in Boston and don’t know anyone who might be interested I generally donate them to the local library to sell at their book sales.

    • Maybe it goes with the name! Lol. The “backup” plan if I’m weeding the collection is to donate to Goodwill or shelters, depending on the book. Several of the local homeless shelters always need paperbacks.

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