I never knew she wrote more than the one!

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Hate to cook? hate to clean? fear not, you are not alone. Not only that, you haven’t been for some time.

Peg Bracken is perhaps best known (and justifiably so!) for her cookbook, the I Hate to Cook Book, which came out in 1960, although she wrote several later books which are as worth reading. The I Hate to Cook Book came out as things were beginning to come to a head in regards whether women were supposed to find fulfillment in the home and childrearing and only that–Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique came out three years later–and while it’s absolutely true that cooking and cleaning need to be done in every household small or large, I have yet to meet anyone whose childhood dreams of their future career path consisted solely of “housespouse”.

The I Hate to Housekeep Book and I Try to Behave Myself followed close on…

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  1. Yep! She wrote several, and the housekeeping and etiquette books are just as much fun as the cookbook.

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