My Bologna has a first name…

And now that you all have an earworm, no, this is not about Oscar Meyer. 🙂

What it IS about is the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This MASSIVE event is celebrating its 49th year of celebrating the best of Children’s Lit & Illustration from around the world. It is one of the biggest events I have heard of that encourages all aspects of learning, arts, and books for children. Seriously cool. I would LOVE to see this one day with my own two little eyes. Over 1000 exhibitors come to display their publications, illustrations, and text. There is a museum of illustrations & books, a yearly gallery of international artists, debates, lectures, and most of all BOOKS. Tons and tons of books. This is where copyrights for books are sold internationally, so that the best books from around the world have a chance to reach more audiences. There is an Agent’s Centre, as well as a Translator’s and Illustrator’s area. One stop shopping for the enterprising publisher/agent who wants to find the next international best-seller.

At the fair, there are also awards presented:

The Children’s Museum Awards “for the creative use of exhibitions and programmes with an innovative approach, which should be meaningful to the relevant age-group up to 14 year old.”

The International Award for Illustration– This is a biggie. Intended to bring young aritists to the forefront, it includes a $30,000.00 prize and a contract to illustrate a book.

Featured Country: The chosed country (this year is Portugal) sends up to 25 illustrators to display their works as the “Best” of the country.

BolognaRagazzi Award

rewards the best books in terms of graphic and editorial design. Also this year, along with the traditional Fiction, Non-Fiction and New Horizons categories, there will be a section called Opera Prima, devoted to the works of new authors and illustrators with the aim of acknowledging the publishers’ efforts in seeking new talent.

From 2012 this award will feature 1 new category in the emerging field of digital publishing: a look to the future in discovery of the best of apps developed for the young readers’ market.

There are galleries of artwork and winners on the website. These illustrations ARE art, and are amazing. It’s wonderful to see the styles and images from around the world.


2 Comments on “My Bologna has a first name…”

  1. serasara says:

    The Fair in Bologna is totally brilliant – wonderful people, some amazing work and a gorgeous Italian city in which to while away time between meetings.

    There are usually satellite conferences for academics, publishers and other professionals to network surrounding the fair too – I know this year there a big digital publishing summit was on in the lead-up.

    Definitely worth going someday – and always have gelato!

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