In the Spirit of Omissions…

(no, I haven’t died or disappeared)

When I started my massive list of book awards, to be honest it bemused and frustrated me. For me, all books have merit: they have been painstakingly written, edited, and published. They are worth SOMEONE’S time and effort to read and be appreciated. I had to shake my head at our society’s need to further add value by putting a gold-sticker on the front and declaring thsi book or author somehow even BETTER than the rest. I wondered if the plethora took value away from non-winning books/authors; or if it merely de-valued the winning of an award?

So, recently, I had to applaud the efforts of the Pulitzer committee. They chose not to give an award this year for a novel. Not because there weren’t worthy nominees: the committee (presumably) read over 300 nominations, and narrowed it down to 3. But because there wasn’t a clear “winner,” they reserved their right not to award anything.

Go them. I’m pretty sure all the nominated books are FABULOUS, and I don’t want to even hint otherwise, but call me silly, an award should MEAN something.

Stay tuned for more ramblings. I’m back. 🙂

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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