The Night Kitchen is Closed. Sad day.

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Where the Wild Things Are May 8, 2012 It’s with great sadness that we read of the recent passing of the incomparable author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak. His “Where the Wild Things Are” and countless other books illustrated our childhoods. Above, Patrick pays tribute to Maurice Sendak and his work as Mooch reads to his “Mutts Children’s Book Club.”

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Maurice Sendak is beloved, remembered, and adored for his children’s books, even if at one point he was very controversial. (GASP– children’s books with anatomy, no matter how innocent.)

 Click HERE for a bibliography & biography. As a brief summary: There are over 100 books he illustrated (including Newbery books and many very well known books you might not have realized were his work, since authors get top billing), and over 20 he wrote and illustrated. You will probably remember a lot of them. I know I did. It’s worth looking at for the memories and smiles. He has won these awards individually:

Sendak was honored in North Hollywood, California, where an elementary school was named after him.

Can you imagine getting to go to THAT school? coolness. (Readers, if it’s really a craptastic school, please don’t tell me. Let me imagine a school where imaginations are encouraged and there is a story time every day.)

Goodbye Mr. Sendak. Thank you.


Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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