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Head and shoulders photo of a greying man with a small moustache, wearing a suit, arms folded.

Carlos Fuentes has passed away. This Mexican author is frequently mentioned in the same sentences as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He wrote during an era when much of Mexico’s literature focused on finding identity, defining a culture, race, civilization that was equally Aztec/Mayan/European, and somehow none of the above. There’s a great transcript of an interview with him HERE. I haven’t read a lot of his work, mainly excerpts, but I HAVE read The Death of Artemio Cruz & Aura. Wow. I’m sure this is not an original idea, but you could do a whole semester comparing/contrasting Artemio with Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Light in August. (If you pick up Artemio, reading the wikipedia article about the Mexican Revolution/Civil War would be good. Lots of history not usually covered in our US courses.) ***be warned, Mr. Flores is NOT afraid of strong language. Namely the F*bomb. If this offends you, be aware you were warned***. I found his work to be gripping, occasionally disturbing,  and memorable. excellent stuff. I hate that it took an article about his death to make me remember that I always meant to read more of his stuff. I may do a whole post on him after I’ve researched a little more.

And, on a lighter note, Amazon has tallied up sales and divided them by per-capita population to come up with the biggest cities for reading. In order, they were:

1. Alexandria, Virginia

2. Cambridge, Massachusetts

3. Berkeley, California

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan

5. Boulder, Colorado

6. Miami, Florida

7. Arlington, Virginia

8. Gainesville, Florida

9. Washington, D.C.

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

12. Knoxville, Tennessee (Woot! Go Knox-vegas!)

13. Seattle, Washington

14. Orlando, Florida

15. Columbia, South Carolina

16. Bellevue, Washington

17. Cincinnati, Ohio

18. St. Louis, Missouri

19. Atlanta, Georgia

20. Richmond, Virginia

Click HERE for the full story on CNN. I agree w/ the Amazon exec that what I like best about the list is that the list covers our WHOLE country, not just big cities, or certain regions. We’re all bookworms.

Are you out there? Hello? Anyone? (Thanks for reading! )

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