Bookshelf 2011

What I’m Reading

The Sun Also Rises- Hemmingway. Will start tomorrow. maybe. 

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer- listening to this one. Just finished disk one…good so far. 🙂

The Foundling, Part 1– D M Cornish. This one has won several awards, but takes some quiet and time to get into. Must focus. Not good for 10 of silent reading in class, but I think it will be once I get into it. I caught a cold. concentration plummetted. Will try again some other time.

What I’ve READ


Entwined, Heather Dixon. THIS BOOK WAS FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!  A retelling of the 12 dancing princesses, AMAZING. Ranks right up there w/ Beauty & Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley in my world (which is high praise indeed). wow. just wow. If I could write, I would want to write a book like this one.


 The Road, Cormac McCarthy. I had never read anything by him, and since he grew up in my hometown, I thought it was time. wow. not an emotionally easy book, but definitely memorable. any recommendations for what else of his to read?

 The Spell of Mary Stewart– a compilation of 3 of her novels: This Rough Magic (1964)  The Ivy Tree (1961); Wildfire at Midnight (1956) best part: I haven’t read 2 of them. 🙂 These kind of remind me of Nancy Drew for grownups. A bit of subtle romance, mystery, and a bit of supernatural for flair. Very British.Very understated.

 A Knitter’s Almanac- E Zimmermann- she rocks. 🙂

 The Hollow– Nora Robers- guilty pleasure. As a friend used to say “popcorn” for the brain. And halloweeny. Too bad it’s the 2nd in a trilogy and I can’t find #1 & #3. Stupid moving boxes.

Thornyhold- Mary Stewart

While she’s better known for her Merlin trilogy (which I’ve never read) I love her other books. 🙂

Sabriel Garth Nix ISBN0329023462.

This has totally sucked me in. More later. Must read. ETA- Finished series. good stuff. I loved the images for describing Death as a river (Styx?) and the Abhorsen’s duties.

The Help– Kathryn Stockett. ISBN 0399155341.

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. This took some balls to write. wow. It made me think a lot about those imaginary lines and about how brave you have to be to write about your hometown. Even if it’s not a touchy subject, and this is a touchy subject.

The Third Secret– Steve Berry. ISBN 0345504402

OK. So it’s not intellectual or socially important. It was a good adventure and it entertained me. I won’t spend days pondering the characters or its implications, but I enjoyed reading it. (Why do we sometimes feel the need to defend a reading choice?)


One Comment on “Bookshelf 2011”

  1. nerdygirl says:

    Steve Berry! THANK YOU for referencing him – recently a colleague mentioned him in passing as ‘fluff’ i might be interested in, but I couldn’t remember the name when I went to look on amazon. Glad there’s another vote in his corner.

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