Author Index

As I post about authors whom I profile, their names will appear here:

Rick Riordan

Louisa May Alcott.

Dr. Seuss

Edgar Allan Poe

Stephen King

The Lost Generation (Pound, Eliot, Faulkner, Hemmingway, Stein, cummings, Fitzgerald, et al.)

Hans Christen Andersen, The Grimm Brothers, Andrew Lang, & Perrault

Anne McCaffrey

The Knoxville Group

Charles Dickens and the other Serialists

Robin McKinley

Anne Rice

Pat Conroy

L M Montgomery

Anne Rice

Seamus O Heaney

Peg Bracken

Ian Fleming

Carlos Fuentes

Maurice Sendak

Fannie Flagg & Harper Lee

If you have a request, please let me know!


2 Comments on “Author Index”

  1. Do any needle or fiber art books ever get awards? If so, who gives them out and what is the criteria? I review two books a week on this topic. I see enough books on this subject that I have formed my own scale.

    • I have only found a COUPLE of awards for the craft area in general, and none specifically for the fiber-arts community. the Ben Franklin Awards and the Ippy awards are two that come to mind. Those are mostly for the quality of the publishing though, and not the quality of the content. IMHO, the crafting world would be well-served by an award. What other area is accustomed to having to go look up errata? um…none. (ok, leaving soapbox) Maybe Ravelry could work on that one, lol.

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